terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2015

First step guidance for active participation in the changing process of the extractive industry

*Our thanks to Luiza Stein da Silva for the design and editing.

** Links:

Social Accountability E-Guide: https://saeguide.worldbank.org/
EITI Project: https://eiti.org/
How countries can implement the EITI Standard: https://eiti.org/eiti/implementation
Validation: Assessing impact: http://progrep.eiti.org/2015/glance/validation
The EITI Standard: https://eiti.org/document/standard

Transparency & Accountability Initiative:

Natural resource Charter: http://naturalresourcecharter.org/
Model Mining Development Agreement: http://www.mmdaproject.org/

Our Money, Our Responsibility: A Citizens’ Guide to Monitoring Government Expenditures: http://internationalbudget.org/publications/our-money-our-responsibility-a-citizens-guide-to-monitoring-government-expenditures/

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