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ISTR Pilot Mentoring Program - Call for Participation

ISTR is an organization known for friendliness and collegiality – which we hope will be enhanced by our mentoring/hosting program.  The Society will begin with a one year pilot program –that will begin in June 2016 with the Stockholm conference and continue until June 2017. The objective is to assist students with professional development and engagement. See below if you are interested in participating as a mentor or mentee.  All mentors and mentees must be members of ISTR.
Mid-career or senior scholars, as well as professionals from outside the academy.
Graduate students at any stage of their careers or post-graduates and junior faculty within five years of receipt of their terminal graduate degree (including PhD, MA, and JD).
How it Works
•Mentors and mentees are matched by ISTR’s executive director.
•This one-year mentoring relationship is intended for June 2016 to June 2017and will include the annual conference in June 2016, if both mentor and mentee attend this meeting.
•Participants are encouraged, but not required, to meet once in person at the ISTR International conference.
•Communications may take place as often as once a month, either electronically or in-person. At a minimum communications will include 3-4 conversations over the course of a year and will include an exchange of experiences and career advice.
•While reading of dissertation chapters or grant proposals is helpful to every junior scholar, this program defers that labor to the mentee’s local networks. No commitment to reading is required of the mentor in ISTR’s mentoring program.
•Instead, mentoring conversations will focus on career advice, professional advancement, and facilitating contacts.
How to Sign UP
If you are interested in serving as a mentor or in being a mentee, please contact by June 10, 2016 with Mentoring Program in the subject line.  Please include a 3-5 sentence bio that includes your primary research areas and teaching and professional interest areas.
Indicate your preference (mentor or mentee) and we will match people before the conference and send them one another's contact info.
If you are a non-academic mentor willing to talk about your work and if you are a student or new professional who would prefer to talk with a non-academic mentor, please indicate that preference as well.
Note: ISTR is grateful to the American Society for Environmental History for providing a template for this program.

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