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Global Challenges Fellowship Program 2015/16 - deadline for applications: March 30, 2015

The School of Public Policy at Central European University (SPP) and the Central European University Institute for Advanced Study (CEU IAS) in Budapest, and the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin invite applications from researchers from nine countries (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, and Turkey) to participate in the Global Challenges Fellowship program 2015/16. The goal of this unique collaborative program is to forge closer ties between Europe and researchers from outside the “established West,” and to encourage the development of fresh perspectives on some of the world’s most pressing global public policy challenges.

Beginning in September 2015, Global Challenges Fellows will spend approximately 7-8 months doing analytical, policy, and empirical work at SPP/CEU IAS in Budapest and at GPPi in Berlin where they will engage with policy practitioners. Although the precise timetable will vary depending on the fellow’s research project, it is expected that fellows will spend most of the time (about 75%) in Budapest.

Fellows will conduct research for journal articles and/or policy papers and will participate in a series of small working group discussions and seminars. Researchers at SPP, CEU IAS, and GPPi will engage with fellows during and after their fellowship to build a community of professionals who share a commitment to improving policy outcomes on a range of key global challenges. During the fellowship, the three institutions will assist fellows in developing professional networks with the academic and policy research communities in Budapest and Berlin, laying the foundation for lasting engagement and exchange. Fellows will work on a concrete project within one of five research areas that leads to a publication in the form of an academic piece (a working paper/ journal article) and/or a policy paper that builds on academic research.

Junior and senior level fellowships are available in the following areas:

Peace & security
Humanitarian assistance & human rights
Development & good governance
Internet governance
Changing global institutions
Download a PDF of the call for applications.


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