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Chamada para a "5th Global Conference on Transparency Research"

The Standing Executive Committee of the Global Conference on Transparency Research—consisting of: A.J. (Albert) Meijer (Utrecht University), Suzanne Piotrowski (Rutgers University), Alasdair Roberts (University of Missouri), Jean-Patrick Villeneuve (University of Lugano)—is very pleased to announce that the 5th Global Conferences on Transparency Research will take place at the University of Limerick, Ireland June 19 to June 21 2017.

On this occasion, the Conference is being jointly organized by the University of Limerick in Ireland and the University of Baltimore in the USA, in association with the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and Makarere University in Uganda. 

The Global Conference on Transparency Research (GCTR) is the preeminent conference bringing together leading scholars from throughout the world to collectively advance our understanding of the impact and implications of transparency policies that involve governments, either directly or indirectly. 

The GCTR involves scholars from a wide range of fields including sociology, anthropology, political science, public administration, economics, political economy, journalism, communication sciences, business, history, philosophy, and law who study issues of transparency and openness. 

Contributions are invited with a theoretical, normative or empirical focus, discussing issues such as:

  • Transparency in developing countries 
  • Transparency and governance
  • Transparency and the IOT
  • Open government and e-government
  • Ethical Leadership and Organizational Transparency
  • Transparency and corruption
  • Transparency and NGOs
  • Transparency in the EU
  • Fiscal transparency
  • Corruption, open government, and good governance
  • Transparency, open data, and accountability 
  • Transparency, open data, and privacy
  • Transparency, open government, and social equity 

Proposals due: January 15, 2017 
Notification of acceptance: February 15, 2017 
Final papers and panel submissions due: June 5, 2017 

Email: transparency@ul.ie

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