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Parceria pelo Governo Aberto/Open Government Partnership: Chamada de Propostas de Pesquisa até 05 de Agosto

The Open Government Partnership Support Unit invites research proposals on the commitments made by participating countries in their National Action Plans.  

Six grants of EUR 2500 each will be awarded and the lead authors of the three best papers will be invited to present their work at the 2015 OGP Global Summit in Mexico. 

This research is supported by a grant of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada. 


Areas of research 

With 65 participating countries and over 2000 commitments made in the OGP National Action Plans (NAPs), there is a wealth of information that needs to be further analyzed to understand trends across countries or themes and identify opportunities to deepen and inform the work of OGP and its participating countries.  

All ideas are welcome as long as the proposed topic has the potential to inform the work of the Open Government Partnership and the findings can be used for further research, action or advocacy. This is an opportunity for researchers to explore projects on OGP beyond areas that have been covered previously by others. 

Proposals are being requested in two broad categories: 
A. Research that makes use of existing OGP data, including the NAPs, IRM data and the OGP Explorer for cross-thematic or cross country analysis. Data visualizations are encouraged. 
B.  Preliminary research to help OGP understand its impact in participating countries. Proposals that present a framework and concrete example of how OGP can capture its contribution both at the country and at the initiative levels are encouraged.

Grant details 

A total of 6 grants of EUR 2500 each will be awarded. Four will be awarded for proposals under category A above and two for those under category B. Entries will be chosen based on the selection criteria described below. The selected papers will be disseminated through OGP networks and published on the OGP website. A jury will select the three best papers across the two categories and the winners will receive funding for the lead author to attend and present their findings at the 2015 OGP Global Summit in Mexico. 

Suggested topics for research and information on the selection criteria, application process and timelines can be found in the request for proposals.

Deadline for submitting proposals: 5pm GMT on or before 5th August 2015.

Questions can be sent to: shreya.basu@opengovpartnership.org

Source: http://www.opengovpartnership.org/blog/shreya-basu/2015/07/21/call-ogp-research-proposals

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